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Frequently Asked Questions

New Employee

Q: Is it mandatory to attend the New Employee Orientation?

A: Yes, as a new member of the Bob Chinn's Crab House organization, you are required to attend all orientation events. You will gain valuable information and be introduced to resources that will assist in your success.

Q: My friend is coming in after I finish my shift, can we sit at the bar?

A: We are always happy when our teammates want to bring their friends and family in for a visit! Due to the limit seating AT the main bar itself, we prefer for you to sit either in the dining room or at any table in the bar or back bar area. 

Q: What is my employee discount and how do I use it?

A: When dining in-house before or after your shift, employees receive 50% on all discountable items and 25% on all sushi items. Any food taken to-go will be discounted 20%. If you are dining in on your day off, you and one guest are welcome to a 40% discount on (2) appetizers, (2) entrees, (2) desserts and (2)non-alcoholic  beverages.   

Q: When do I get to go onto nights/weekends?

A: The answer to this question really all depends upon the progress we as a team feel that you are making. The goal of the training program, coupled with the 30-60-90 development is to outfit you with both the knowledge and confidence to succeed as a server here at Bob Chinn's. The decision to move from lunch to night/weekends is weighed out many factors including but not limited to: menu comprehension, service skills, adaptability, work production, dependability, SOP adherence, communication, problem solving and safety/ sanitation compliance. Throughout the initial 90 days of your employee, we strive to maintain an open line of communication regarding your standing and create a dialog in which we can work simultaneously to achieve the desired outcome in the most efficient way.      



Q: What if I do not elect to participate in the group's health insurance at the time that it is offered?

A: If you choose not to participate because you are under another group's health coverage or because you are waving benefits, the next opportunity would be a "Life Qualifying Event," such as:

                                       Gain or loss of coverage from another source

                                       Birth/adoption/change of custody of a child

                                       Marriage or divorce


                                       Dependent changing from ineligible to eligible status or vice versa

                                       Move out of your medical plan's coverage area

    You must notify the Human Resources Department no later than 30 Days from the time of the event. Open Enrollment is another time in which you will be able to sign up for benefits, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

Q: How do I go about taking a vacation?

A: If you qualify for paid vacation time (1500 hours worked after 1 year of service), you must fill out a blue vacation form located across from the auditor's room. Once completed, please turn it into Hilda in Payroll. If you have any questions about this form, she will be more than happy to assist you!

Q: I left my swipe card and/or name tag at home. What should I do?

A: Replacement swipe cards and name tags can be purchased from Hilda in the Payroll Department either with cash or the amount can be deducted from your next paycheck.

Q: Do you offer Direct Deposit?

A: Yes. Please bring a voided check to Hilda in the Payroll Department 

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