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Knowledge is power and with the right amount of information, you could very easily be the most influential person in the room. Thorough training as well as continuous education is extremely valuable in our business. It is our goal to lay the foundation upon which your professional skill set is built. Below, you will find useful information on different topics to aid in quality conversation with your guests, as well as helpful selling points. 


Our guests like to know what they're eating: where their food comes from, how fresh it is, who made it, etc. It is your job as their server to educate them. 

  • The concept of our restaurant was actually based off a Crab House in South Florida that Bob loved going to whenever he was visiting. The Rustic Inn is still open for business in Ft. Lauderdale!

  • Bob's favorite fish and prep style is: Roughy sauteed! Try suggesting this to your table when Roughy is available- you'd be surprised by how many people love to know what Bob recommends!

  • We are a scratch-house, which means all of our sauces, soups, stocks (some of our salad dressings) are made from scratch, in-house, on a daily basis. Many people ask why we only have one location - this is a big reason... when you make things from scratch, it is very difficult to duplicate the product to our exact standards! That being said, it doesn't mean it isn't possible, we are just happy giving all our attention and love to Wheeling right now!

  • Bob and Marilyn traveled the world finding top-notch seafood, ingredients and recipes to bring back and perfect in the Crab House kitchen. Interestingly enough, its the Chinese "comfort foods" Bob made for his family that ended up being best sellers on our menu! (i.e. crabmeat vermicelli, shrimp Cantonese, BV preparation)


  • Our world-famous Mai Tai's are the second best selling item on our menu (right after Alaskan King Crab, of course)! 

  • We make our Mai Tai's in-house, daily -using fresh juices and Myer's Dark Rum.

  • It may be a staple cocktail in the islands, but in the 1960's/70's when Bob Chinn was doing catering jobs on the North Shore, he introduced Chicagoans to the "Hawaiian Luau" theme along with the refreshing Mai Tai! It then became the restaurant's signature drink when "Bob Chinn's Crab House" was opened in the 80's. 


  • Many are amazed to know that all but one of our desserts are made from scratch, in our bakery! We don't make the brown bag Apple Pie - that comes from the Elegant Farmer in Wisconsin- sometimes, you have to know when to leave the pie making to the experts! 

  • A lot of our cakes and pies are inspired by Hawaiian favorites. We use HAUPIA in a few of our desserts (Bob's Slice of Paradise, Luau Cake), which is a coconut-milk type of pudding. 

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