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THE 30-60-90 PROGRAM

As per our Employee Handbook, the first 90 days of employment are considered an orientation period. We believe this time is very important to the cultivation of not only a thriving business but also a prolific work environment. The 30-60-90 Program has been created in order to ascertain information about the efficiency and effectiveness of our training program, as well as the progress of the trainees. Using one, two and three month markers to assess the new hires, we hope to provide them with the greatest level of education and support they need to succeed at Bob Chinn’s Crab House. The program is also meant to help management gauge whether or not the employee is or has the potential or desire to be a long-term valuable team member.

The 30

After the first thirty days, the new hire will receive a questionnaire in regard to their training experience. The head trainer is also asked to evaluate each trainee based on their two weeks of class and dining room participation.  Through a series of questions, we collect valuable feedback for continuing employee education as well as use in future training classes.


The 60

Upon the sixty day mark, a pre-formulated survey will be brought to both front and back of the house management meetings where the progress of each new hire will be analyzed. Centered on their professional interaction with the aforementioned employees, managers will focus their discussion on specific areas of significance, such as: service skills, menu knowledge and work production.  From this information, notes will be drawn up and presented to the new hires in a private meeting with Dan and HR. A comprehensive plan on how to improve on points of difficulty will be discussed and executed.


The 90

A week prior to the 90 day point, a quick follow up on each new hire will be made to determine if the advancements and/or changes have been satisfied. We appreciate the time and the energy it takes to get through the provisional phase and value the effort put forth by everyone involved in the hiring, training and continuous coaching process.

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